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The Do's and Do Not's

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Here are some helpful tips in communicating and interacting with SW'ers! This is not an exhaustive list and every worker is different but from my time in the industry, these are the ones most often commented on.

DO: research which provider you think best suits your expectations. Make sure your expectations are realistic, we are people too after all. Visit our websites, social media, advertisements, check out our reviews if available. Once you have done your research, message us with any unanswered questions.

DO NOT: message or call and ask info that is widely available about us on our websites, social media, advertisements etc. Some of us receive hundreds of messages a week, that's why we have websites, social media etc. so that you can readily find info about us.

DO: reach out about booking inquiries. Make sure your communication is clear and respectful. Legitimize yourself by giving a brief intro as to who you are and what you're looking for. Think of booking with a provider as you would any other professional like a dentist or mechanic.

DO NOT: message "hi" "Hey bbe" "cum see me" or anything of the sort. If you cannot express yourself in a respectful, clear, professional manner chances are we will not respond to you. If you message anything disrespectful or vulgar you might end up blocked and on "bad client" lists. If you wouldn't message you Dr. or Barber that way, then best you do not message us that way either.

DO: reach out and check in from time to time if you're a returning client.

DO NOT: message us frequently for small talk. We are professionals, our time is valuable.

DO: confirm how much your appointment total will come to and what forms of payment are accepted.

DO NOT: try to negotiate or haggle our rates. Do not try to barter as payment. Do not ask for discounts. You wouldn't try this with your accountant or lawyer, do not do it with us.

DO: show up on time and ready to have a great experience.

DO NOT: show up late without notice, we sometimes have other appointments to keep. Remember, we have lives too.

DO: let us know if something has come up and you need to cancel or reschedule. Make sure you know the providers cancellation/rescheduling policies. Give as much notice as possible.

DO NOT: no show. If you do not show up for your appointment you have deprived that provider of income, you are likely to be blocked and put on "bad client" lists. Do not message last minute to cancel or reschedule. We know there are very few instances in life where notice is not possible, we hear more excuses and lies than the average person and so we usually know if you're lying.

DO: clean up if you need to, say so at the beginning of the appointment so that way we know how to schedule the timing.

DO NOT: show up with bad hygiene. Every appointment is YMMV and if you are unclean in any way, your experience will be limited or might not happen at all.

DO: communicate if there is something you want to explore or something that you're really in to but be respectful and be realistic, we are humans not robots. Be sure it is something we offer.

DO NOT: request services that we do not offer. If you did your research you know what we offer, do not ask during your appointment for anything outside of our limitations. Do not try to do something outside of our limitations, this could end up in the immediate ending of your appointment, becoming blocked and put on "bad client" lists and in some cases could involve the police and criminal charges.

DO: let your provider set the pace and direction of your appointment. We are professionals, we have a flow of how best to spend our time together. We understand engaging with us is often exciting but we are humans, we often need time to warm up and adjust.

DO NOT: go into your appointment making demands and being aggressive. If you come on too strong, too fast you will likely turn your provider right off and the appointment will not be as good as it could be. Upsetting or scaring your provider will do nothing for you, it will be reflected in your level of service and the provider may decide to not see you again. The provider would not give good reference for you, may add you to "bad client" lists and may block you.

DO: leave a review as long as the provider is comfortable with reviews. They will often have a policy describing reviewing. If they allow reviews, critique your time together in respectful and honest way.

DO NOT: leave a review if your provider does not allow them. This will likely mean you will be blocked, added to "bad client" lists and not seen by that provider again. Do not leave a dishonest or disrespectful review, we see reviews, we know who you are, we talk to other providers, you will only make a bad name for yourself as a client. Do not review every intimate detail of the experience, this type of reviewing is classless and many providers consider it an invasion of their privacy. If you wouldn't review your RMT or tailor in such a way, then do not review your provider that way.

The take away is simple: providers are people too. We are professionals, you are engaging with us in a professional environment but in a personal way. We deserve the same respect as you would offer to anyone else. How you treat providers is a reflection of your character. Providers talk to each other, be sure what we have to say about you is how you would want your daughter or sister or mother to talk about you!

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