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But who am I really...

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I am asked most constantly "how would you describe yourself?", as a "GFE companion" is the short answer but my reply is usually some quip because I admire humour and it offers so much in terms of breaking the ice in often awkward introductory conversations between myself and prospective Toronto clients.

By now you probably already get the sense that I am well educated, I am. I am incredibly articulate, you might admire my vast lexicon. The thing I appreciate the most about my father is his way with words (although he's annoyingly a grammar nazi).

Aside from being funny and smart, I would describe myself as compassionate. I try my best to stay open minded (especially in the sex industry) and remember that everyone has a story I know nothing about. To be human is to struggle.

I also know I am considered attractive, above average. At 5'10 tall with a lean build but broad hips (and some booty), I attract the attention of many men and the admiration of many women. I have small breasts that I used to absolutely hate but I have since grown to appreciate and enjoy. I change my hair colour, sometimes often, but am a natural dirty blonde and currently a platinum blonde. My eyes are grey and my skin is pale (unless I spray tan) and I look traditionally of Eastern European descent (as I am).

I think the thing that really sets me apart in a crowd is my energy, I have a presence. This coupled with a solid sense of style and self, makes for genuine confidence which is aptly observed by those around me. I believe that the two most attractive characteristics of any GFE companion are class and confidence, neither of which can be purchased or faked.