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A nice girl like me...

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

If I had a dollar for every time a client has asked "what is a nice girl like you doing in this industry?", I'd have enough to pay my rent, maybe enough to pay my next tuition installment. The simple answer is just that, I have bills to pay.

There's a misconception about the sex industry, that the women who participate in it are damaged or malicious or greedy at best. We are not. Many of us are just trying to pay off our student loans or feed our kids (no I do not have children). We have credit card debts and high costs of city living to account for. We also like to eat and occasionally buy nice things.

For anyone who has known me or knows me now, I always have multiple things on the go, I am never just a Toronto escort or GFE companion. The last time I had a single channel of revenue I was 18. I am almost always in school too (I have 3 degrees to show for it). It's true, I have had a few career changes now and the one stable form of income to date has been sex work and that's exactly why I am here.

Sex work as a GFE escort allows me the freedom and capability to pursue opportunities I would not otherwise have if I had to survive off of a single salary or working wage. I would have to struggle immensely, if not forfeit entirely, in the pursuit of the educational and professional goals I have chosen for myself. Ambition requires sacrifice and hard work, I'm afraid of neither.

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