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A+ clients get A+ service...

We all see the various posts from providers, going on and on about how amazing their date was, and we see the glowing reviews posted by clients raving about about the amazing date they just had...and it makes you think "what does it take to have THAT?"...

From my professional (and personal) experiences, it does not take as much as you think to have an incredible time, you just have to be willing to make some effort. Sure, money helps but it is not the client who tips the most that is guaranteed the best service. In fact, some of my worst clients tipped well but not well enough that I chose to see them again. I am not foreign to declining a date because I did not enjoy our previous experience. Money is not everything in this business, despite how it can often appear.

It is true, the best clients get the best experiences but let's qualify what it means to be "the best" client. The best clients are those who do their research, they see the ad and go to the providers website or social media or both. They read the content carefully (not just looking at the photos), they contact the provider by the appropriate means (at an appropriate time) with clear and respectful message, not "hi bb" and definitely not a dissertation about how amazing of a man and person and client and everything you are...there's a lot to be said for humility...

The best clients wait to be contacted by the provider, if a considerable amount of time has passed without a response, they may choose to follow up respectfully or take it as a sign that the provider is a) too busy and not the right choice at the time or b) is not interested in seeing them and again not the right choice. If they are given the opportunity to book, they do so in the way the provider asks (without complaint), they offer whatever screening and deposit is required (again without complaint), they confirm their booking and then reconfirm their booking closer to the date...all with clear and respectful communication. They do not harass the provider with small talk or try to carry on unnecessary communication.

When it comes to the date, the best clients arrive on time (not early, not late). They provide the payment in the manner the provider has requested (right at the beginning of the date), they shower or clean up in the manner the provider requests (without complaint and performed to high standards), and they let the provider set the tone for the date, following their lead. The best clients are not always the most socially savvy, they are the ones who are genuinely kind and engaged, the are courteous and well-behaved, they really value the provider and the experience. They leave when the date is over (without complaint, on time), if they are able to they tip but if they are not, then a simple thank-you is a good enough gesture. Tips and gifts are nice but they do not substitute for good hygiene and good behaviour. I will take my flat fee with a clean and considerate client over the opposite any day!

When clients act with understanding, consideration and integrity, it inspires me to be the best provider I can be and offer the best experience I can. Kindness begets kindness, respect begets respect. Like the title says: A+ clients, get A+ service!

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